Monday, June 13, 2011

Hot Gay Art.

I came across the amazingly hot work of gay artist Michael Breyette. This guy can paint naked men in sexy situations that will get your pussy dripping wet in no time. Enjoy these pics of some of his work.

I love to see hot guys kissing, especially shirtless.

A man wearing pants and no shirt, and a man wearing a shirt and no pants. But both are hot.

Now that would make for a good Christmas card.

One hot guy after another, and some with beautiful hairy chests.

I really like Breyette's interpretation of Frankenstein.

Mmmm I love watching a hot, hung athlete undress.

I'd love to be there to see the blond guy make it a threesome.

This is the only work I've seen of his involving an erection. I wish he'd do more sexually explicit paintings.

That's more like it!

I wish I could referee their pillow fight.

This last pic here has a lot of raw male sexuality just waiting to erupt. The men are very hot, this one is definitely my favourite.
I hoped you enjoyed these pics as much as I did. Bye for now.

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